/toll-e/ - 1. Celtic word for snug and sheltered

Here at Teolai Design, we believe in designing a quality of coziness & comfortable being. We do this through premium large scale floral fine art photography that is printed on the iconic Hahnemühle Photo Rag 308gsm paper with archival inks.

Based in Vancouver, BC., Danaea (photographer, right) and husband Silas (photographer, left) set out to create art that brings florals and foliage into your home in an architectural and artfully driven way. Bringing the outdoors in through themed collections in limited releases. The organic and imperfect nature of a bloom or stem brings warmth and character to a space.

Teolai Design was founded in 2020. A year of many challenges and long days spent indoors. Many of us nested a little more, rearranged our homes and some started full on renovation projects. The importance of a comfortable space to soothe the soul was highlighted. Perhaps it was our desire to control what we could through an artistic outlet or maybe we were simply seeking a better backdrop for Zoom. It was a hard year that was in need of a little extra beauty. 

 Why florals as a medium?

Rich in diversity of shapes and colours, flowers are versatile, timeless and remarkable. They are appreciated across all cultures. There is character in the imperfect natural form of a bloom or stem and it adds warmth and charm to a room. There is an undeniable sense of calm and comfort felt while studying flowers. 

Flowers are timeless and versatile. Because florals are a diverse medium they allow us to get creative with each collection. Playing with different colour palettes, textures and light showcases the unique and beautiful qualities of the florals, allowing the art access into a variety of different spaces.

There are a multitude of benefits of being in and experiencing nature. Many studies show that just looking at passive images of flowers helps to keep negative emotions at bay, reducing the likelihood of stress-related anxiety and depression.

 Why did we choose Hahnemühle paper?

We chose Hahnemühle because they’ve been manufacturing paper for over 400 years at the same factory in Germany. Their unwavering commitment to sustainably manufacture paper that will last for generations means you get the best quality paper and can rest assured it was sourced from sustainably managed forests.