Teolai Design X Floralista

Alice de Crom is owner of Floralista Flower Studio and one of Vancouver area's leading florists, specializing in uniquely beautiful garden inspired floral design.

Alice grew up surrounded by flowers in her family's commercial greenhouses. Starting Floralista at the age 19, she studied under the renowned direction of some of the worlds most distinguished designers, emerging deeply inspired and remarkably skilled.

With a love of botanicals and all things creative, Alice has brought her passions to life in exquisite, critically acclaimed floral composition.

Branches and Blossoms

Inspired by the architecture of a cherry blossom branch and a study of abundance vs. scarcity of blooms. The warm coffee toned back drops highlights delicate details in the blossoms themselves.

Product image
Product image

Love Letter

Inspired by Spring blooms, featuring ranunculus, cosmo, poppy, begonia, pieris, stock and tulips, layered in soft romantic textures. Love Letter is the combination of white and cream Spring florals with hints of soft and peachy pinks.